Logo embossing

$5.00 USD

Add logo embossing to your laptop case.

There are six different options that you can choose:

  1. Microsoft (40x40 mm / 1.6х1.6 in)
  2. Dell (50x50 mm / 2.0x2.0 in)
  3. Asus (12x55 mm / 0.5x2.2 in)
  4. HP (50x50 mm / 2.0x2.0 in)
  5. Lenovo (13x65 mm / 0.5x2.6 in)
  6. Samsung (10x65 mm / 0.4x2.6 in)

The personalization is applied to the leather using a metal logo stamp under high pressure and temperature.

You can add any of the logos listed above to any laptop case from our catalog. To do so, first select the logo of your gadget and add it to the cart, and then choose any case you like from the catalog.

Choose a logo:


All our products are handcrafted of genuine Crazy Horse leather only, a unique leather that is made by applying wax to a full-grain cowhide leather surface. One of the main features of this leather is that it's durable and looks antique and vintage. It's believed that proper care helps all products made of this leather last for almost a decade. To keep your favorite item looking great, you should re-wax it sometimes.

When ordering products from our site, you can choose any color from our palette, even if it is not presented on the product page. Just add a note to your order with a color you want or contact our manager.



We make sure that our products serve you long and reliable. Therefore, we use only high-quality metal fittings in production. Our INCARNE™ team carefully selects and pays attention to the smallest details of each future purse, sleeve, cosmetic bag and the like. You can be sure of the quality of the fittings we have chosen. The best for you.

On our website, fastenings are available in two colors: brass and nickel. We usually use brass color, but you can also choose nickel. Just add a note with a color you want to your order or contact us.

Our products are covered by a three-year warranty from the day they were bought. We do our best to make our customers happy and are always ready to help. If you have any problems with our product, we are ready to repair or replace it for free.

Please note that warranty does not extend to any losses or damages due to unauthorized modification, negligence, improper care, normal wear, or tear.

To start your repair request we need to get the following information: order number or the name of the purchaser, a brief description of the defect and pictures of the area described. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the warranty. 

Personalized with logo

Heat Embossed Logo

Add your own logo to the items. Your metal plate for embossing can be kept here for any future orders.

Heat embossing of the name or initials

Perfect for cost-efficient personalization

Choose one of the fonts for embossing. We pick metal letters of the font to make an embossed personalization under the pressure and high temperature.

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