Instructions for using leather products

Part 1. Important rules and warnings

Crazy Horse leather is a high quality genuine leather known for its durability and vintage look. This type of leather has the property of lightening in places of creases, folds and scratches due to the original "crazy horse" finishing treatment with refractory waxes on the front surface of the leather. That is why some colors of Crazy Horse leather can stain white and light clothes at first.

In the first part, we have compiled all the basic rules and precautions for using Crazy Horse genuine leather products.

1. For the first time, do not wear leather products with light-colored clothes

What to do to avoid staining light clothes?

We recommend the first time to use the product only with dark clothes or to treat it with Coccine "Color Stop" spray.

2. Do not wipe the leather with wet wipes

  • It is strictly forbidden to wipe Crazy Horse leather products with wet wipes, because they often contain alcohol, which negatively 

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight

  • The finish of Crazy Horse leather is not protected, which is why the leather is so pleasant to the touch and has its own "vintage" character. This is why you should avoid contact with water, because it can change its appearance.
  • If this has already happened, then carefully wipe with a dry soft cloth or napkin and let the leather dry naturally. If traces appear, rub well again with a dry, soft cloth or napkin.
  • Avoid sunlight, do not dry the leather product with a hair dryer or using radiators. This can cause the leather to crack or harden.

Part 2. Crazy Horse natural leather care tips

Any genuine leather has the ability to wear out. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to stop this process. However, with proper and careful care, Crazy Horse leather products will last for decades. In addition, INCARNE™ products get an even more pleasant shade and texture over time, if simple care rules are followed.

Here are some useful tips on how to properly care for leather products. By following them, you will be able to preserve the attractive appearance of your things for a long time and significantly increase their lifespan.

1. Clean your leather properly

  • Use a dry cloth or cellulose tissue to remove scratches, dirt and excess moisture from the leather.
  • If a dry cloth does not help, use a special leather-cleansing spray.

2. Let the leather breathe

  • Do not store leather goods in closed plastic bags. Choose "breathable" materials from textile or paper that allow air to easily penetrate.

3. Treat the leather with care products

  • Over time, Crazy Horse leather products get an even more special "vintage" touch. We recommend treating them with a cream or wax periodically, so that this effect is revealed as good as possible, and the softness of the leather is preserved as long as possible.
  • When buying care products, pay attention to the composition. For example, wax should contain a high percentage of natural fats. This is necessary for better leather treatment.
  • WARNING! Excessive use of products intended to preserve the softness of the leather can cause Crazy Horse leather products to soften too much and lose their shape.