Crazy Horse Leather Care Guide

Any natural leather gets worn out over time. Unfortunately, this process is very difficult to stop. However, there is good news - with proper care, leather goods will serve its owners for decades. Moreover, INCARNE™ products acquire even more pleasant shades and textures over time if simple care rules are followed.

In this article we will give you useful tips on how to properly care for leather products. By reading them, you will be able to keep an attractive appearance of your items for a long time and significantly increase the duration of their use.

1. Clean the leather properly

  • Use a dry rag or cellulose wipe to remove scratches, dirt, and excess moisture from the leather.
  • If a dry rag does not help, use a sponge moistened with soapy water.
  • Attention! It is strictly forbidden to wipe Crazy Horse leather products with wet wipes, because they often contain alcohol, which negatively affects the quality of the leather. The same goes for powder or detergents.

2. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight

  • The finish of Crazy Horse leather is not protected, so that's why the leather is so pleasant to the touch and has its own “vintage” character. There is the reason why contact with water should be avoided, as this can change the appearance of the product.
  • If this has already happened, then gently wipe with a dry soft rag or tissue and let the skin dry naturally. In case of marks, wipe well again with a dry soft rag or tissue.
  • Avoid sunlight, do not dry your leather product with a hair dryer or on a battery. This can cause the leather to crack or harden.

3. Let the leather breathe

  • Do not store leather goods in closed plastic bags. Choose breathable fabrics or paper that allows air to penetrate easily.

4. Use care products

  • Over time, Crazy Horse leather products do acquire an even more special “vintage” shade. We recommend you periodically treat your leather with a cream or wax, so that this effect is better revealed, and the softness of the skin remains as long as possible.
  • When buying care products, pay attention to the composition. For example, the wax should contain a high percentage of natural fats. This is necessary for better leather processing.
  • Attention! Excessive use of products designed to keep the leather soft may result in too much softening and loss of shape in Crazy Horse leather products.

Why do we choose Crazy Horse Leather?

For more than 5 years, we have been using this type of high-quality leather at INCARNE™ production. Crazy Horse is known worldwide for its aesthetics, strength and durability. Crazy Horse leather cosmetic bags, sleeves, backpacks will stand up to everything, at the same time they will look premium and beautiful. The thickness of the leather is 1.4 - 1.7 mm.

Crazy Horse leather is easily scratched and rubbed, thanks to which it gets a special "vintage" charm, changing its shade at every fold and scratch. The ability to maintain this stunning "retro" look is exclusive to Crazy Horse leather bags and sleeves.