Personalization of leather goods by INCARNE™

High-quality leather goods in a minimalist design are a symbol of sophistication and classic style. They serve for many years and acquire a special charm over time. That is why leather goods from INCARNE™ are created with meticulousness and attention to detail, as each element plays its role in the overall aesthetics.

Adding individuality to a product, making it truly unique, is facilitated by personalization. Owning a refined leather accessory with your initials, a special phrase, or symbols is a unique pleasure.

In the workshop of leather goods by INCARNE™, personalization is carried out using hot stamping and laser engraving.

Personalization by Hot Stamping

Stamping is performed at high temperatures using a metal die and press. As a result, there is a clear pattern embedded in the leather texture, which retains its quality and clarity over time. Upon your request, hot stamping can be applied using foil: gold or silver.

Name stamping and logo application

Add hot stamping of initials, name, date, or phrase to any INCARNE™ product. Font options are available according to your preference.

Leather wallets with name stamping, personalized bags and backpacks, cosmetic bags, and organizers with initials look stylish. Personalized gifts with stamping are also a wonderful way to show attention to your loved ones and friends.

If you wish to make original corporate gifts for your colleagues or partners, leather goods with logo stamping are an excellent choice. We will develop a stamp for stamping specifically for you, which can be used repeatedly for personalizing new products. A leather laptop sleeve, a messenger bag, or a desk mat with logo stamping is a prestigious corporate gift that will reliably serve its owner, reminding them of our partnership.

You can order name stamping or logo stamping on an INCARNE™ leather product by following the link.

Logo stamping of your gadget brand

INCARNE™ offers a variety of accessories for gadgets: bags, laptop and tablet sleeves, cable organizers, desk mats, and more. We can apply the logo of your gadget brand to any of these products.

The following gadget logos are available for personalization: Microsoft, Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Samsung.

A laptop sleeve or a cable organizer with the logo of your device is a practical accessory for personal use or as a gift. These products will protect your gadget and serve as a practical addition to it.

To order the logo stamping of your gadget brand, follow the link.

Logo stamping of an automotive brand

INCARNE™ also offers accessories for drivers - leather document holders and keychains. Adding an individual touch to these products will be facilitated by stamping the logo of the car brand.

The following automotive brand logos are available for personalization: Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Mini.

A leather cover for a driver's license with the car logo will be a reliable companion for every car owner. No less stylish and practical option is a concise leather keychain with the car logo. You can also order a set - a cover and a keychain with personalization, which will perfectly complement each other.

To order the logo stamping of an automotive brand on accessories, follow the link.

Laser engraving on INCARNE™ leather products

Laser engraving on leather products is another way to make your accessory exclusive. Using a special laser beam, our craftsmen apply various patterns and inscriptions to the leather surface, creating a unique design.

Personalization done by laser engraving has clear outlines but is less resistant to wear compared to hot stamping. This method of personalization is perfect when creating exclusive gifts with signatures, logos, or other complex figurative elements on leather accessories.

Personalized leather products from INCARNE™ are a great idea for gifts for important events and holidays. Choose products from our catalog to your liking, add the desired personalization option, and we will create a unique gift that will delight its owner.

Let's embody your ideas and individuality in high-quality and beautiful leather accessories!