Make your item unique! Add an engraved or embossed text, initials, or even your company's logo! Just choose the backpack, bag, or any other product from INCARNE and add this option to your cart.

Add a phrase, initials, or logo:

  •  Arial Font (letters 4-8 high).;
  •  We offer the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic script only. You can also add numbers, special characters, or emoji.

Choose an option that suits your better:

  • Heat embossing. Embossed text, initials, or logos look fancy and are durable, but an embossed image is more expensive than engraved one because it's done by a stamp. Such a stamp is long-lasting and suitable for bulk corporate orders.

  • Laser engraving. It is a quicker and more popular way to personalize almost any item. Compared to heat embossing, laser engraving is less durable, though it is cheaper and allows creating an endless range of images, texts, and more.

  • Foil stamping. It's created in the same way as heat embossing, though is available in two colors: silver and gold. Just add a note to your order with a color you chose.

Please note that personalized items are non-refundable.