5 corporate gift ideas for your coworkers and colleagues

New Year is the time for gifts. Good presents increase the level of your relationships with colleagues in the office, raise the corporate spirit, and generally make people happier. So the question that comes up every time is, what to present to colleagues?

We have prepared a list of ideas for corporate gifts that will make your colleagues and employees happier in the New Year 2022. They’re gonna love these presents, and they’re gonna use them 100%.

Idea 1: Laptop sleeve with initials and company's logo

Give your colleagues a personalized laptop cover with their initials and your company logo. This is a very practical gift, because the quality leather sleeve protects the laptop from damage and dirt.

We draw your attention to such models of sleeve as Line, Message and New Gamma. These are one of the most popular models of INCARNE™ that we make for corporate orders, because they combine conciseness, practicality and aesthetics. Each sleeve we create individually according to the parameters of any laptop.

Idea 2: Personalized keychain with a photo

A cheaper, but no less pleasant gift for your colleagues is personalized key rings with a photo. Inside our Memories keychain there are metal cards on which we print photos. It is possible to choose the number of such cards: 1, 2 or 3. Photos can be on both sides. Outside, on the keychain, we will emboss the initials or the name of the employee and the logo of your company, or any other inscription.

It is a touching and enjoyable gift that your/and your colleague will always carry by their keys or on their bag. It combines pleasant memories and practicality.

Idea 3: Personalized Desktop Carpet

During the pandemic, many companies switched to a remote type of work. Workers faced the challenge of organizing their workspace. Because it is much more pleasant and easier to work when the surrounding conditions are successfully conducive to it.

A desktop carpet is a mast hat for a person working with gadgets. It adds comfort and organizes working gadgets. We offer ProDesk carpet for your desktop and Word carpet for the mouse. Both models will be valuable gifts for your employees and colleagues.

Idea 4: Notebook with initials and company's logo

Planning your work day is a special and important ritual of the day. Saving your deadlines and unexpected tasks with a notebook is much easier. As well as scheduling meetings, making important notes and drawing on pages when boring in Zoom-call.

There are several notebooks to choose from in INCARNE™. Simple is a minimalist pad with a leather cover and squared quality paper inside. The Accent notebook has a leather strap and a different type of page: with and without markup. The Crazy Horse leather is difficult to tear down, so take the notebook both to the office and on vacation (because work tasks never end, yes?).

Idea 5: Wires Organizer

An unusual gift idea to your colleague is the Weekend Wires Organiser. This is relevant not only for those who travel frequently, but also for those who work at home - to keep all cables and wires in order and in one place. Let New Year 2022 be the year of organization and home comfort for your colleagues.

We have many years of experience working with corporate ordersWe are approached by various ideas of leather products, which we gladly implement. If you have an idea but no clear vision of the leather gift, we will help you with the sketch and a high level of implementation.

Corporate gifts from INCARNE™ are a great way to say «thank you» without words.