Original International Women's Day Gifts from INCARNE™ Leather Goods Brand

The whole world will celebrate International Women’s Day very soon. First, the holiday is celebrated as a reminder of women’s cultural, political and socio-economic achievements, so on this day, the world draws attention to such movements as gender equality, sexism, reproductive rights, violence against women, etc. 

Quality and original gifts will help to remember this day and make it even more special and valuable. We have prepared for you a list of ideas of cool gifts from the INCARNE™ brand of leather products for your favorite women - girlfriends, wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers.

What to give: Best gift ideas for women

1. Gift set of items made of genuine leather

In the section "Gifts" on our site you will find more than 10 different sets that will be great gifts for a woman. Leather belt, makeup bags, photo keychain, backpack, wallet - we have collected various combinations of natural leather products, so you can choose the best option for yourself. By the way, on gift sets we offer good discounts, so go by link and pick.

2. Laptop sleeve made of genuine leather

A quality leather sleeve is always a good idea for a gift, because it perfectly protects the gadget from dirt, dust and scratches. We can even say that it must-have for a person who has a laptop. We make sleeves for MacBook, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Dell, HP and any other brands. So you will guess with the gift exactly if your loved one has a computer but doesn’t have a protective sleeve yet. Our most popular models of leather laptop sleeves are Maryland, Atlas, Klouz, Brick, Stem, New Gamma, Message, Line.

3. Bag made of genuine leather

The minimalistic and urban bag in which you can carry all everyday things – is that what a modern woman needs, which have an active and saturated day. Three best-selling bags from INCARNE™ that will love your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend.

The Emeli model is for creative women who love the convenience and interesting elements of design. This bag has a stylish decorative element attached to the handle.

The Storage model is for those who love versatility and comfort, because it is a convertible bag that can be worn as a backpack and as a normal shoulder bag.

The Elegant model is for those who appreciate space and minimalism, because the bag is large enough, has two pockets from the outside and one inside, as well as large sturdy handles.

4. Waist bag made of genuine leather

A waist bag has long been in the trend among both men and women. Such a bag adds ease and comfort during walks and journeys because it completely frees the hands. It is the perfect gift for March 8 for a woman who is always on the move and who is important for practicality and convenience. Our assortment of waistbags is quite varied. Go to the section "Waist bags" and choose the perfect one for your favorite woman. 

5. Cosmetic Bag made of natural leather

Sometimes all it takes for a woman to be happy is that all the cosmetics are in the same place. A leather cosmetic bag is a cool solution because you can use it both on your trip and at home, or take it to the gym. In more than 7 years of work, we have made the ideal size and composition of our cosmetic bags to surprise any woman. Thus, with the gift from INCARNE™ for your loved one, you will definitely not be mistaken.


By the way, we can personalize your order. Make a hot embossing or laser engraving. These may be initials, dates, the name of the person you give a gift to or any other visual element. Contact us and the managers will tell you all the information.

Gift certificate
A present for International Women's Day is not necessarily something specific. If you are not sure of your choice, you can always buy a certificate from INCARNE™. Win-win situation.