Instructions for using leather products

In the production process of INCARNE™ products, we use only natural leather. Vintage-style items are crafted from Crazy Horse leather (available in black, gray, brown, blue, green, burgundy, cognac) and Torro leather (in red). We also create accessories from classic Kaizer leather, which has a light shine and a smooth texture. The use of natural materials gives our products a distinctive aesthetic and ensures durability. However, natural leather requires proper care.

We have compiled essential tips for using and caring for products made from natural leather.

Part 1. Features of Different Types of Leather Used in Our Products

Vintage Leather: Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse leather is high-quality natural leather known for its durability and vintage appearance. This type of leather has the unique characteristic of developing a patina in areas with bends and scratches due to the original "crazy horse" finish, which involves hot-melting waxes on the leather's surface. As a result, some colors of Crazy Horse leather may initially transfer onto light clothing.

Vintage Leather: Torro

Torro leather has a matte surface achieved through additional processing (polishing). This material does not leave marks on light fabric when in contact. Additionally, Torro leather is more resistant to folds, scratches, and abrasions compared to Crazy Horse.

Classic Leather: Kaizer

Kaizer leather has a slight glossy shine and a smooth texture that feels pleasant to the touch. Unlike Crazy Horse, Kaizer leather is more resistant to moisture and external influences, and it does not develop stains from raindrops or abrasions. Kaizer leather is available in both subtle colors (blue, brown) and vibrant ones (fuchsia, yellow, light blue).

Part 2. Basic Rules and Warnings for Using Vintage and Classic Leather Products

Here are some essential tips for using INCARNE™ products to maintain their perfect appearance:

1. For the first time, do not wear Crazy Horse leather products with light-colored clothes

Crazy Horse leather in bright and dark shades (such as black and blue) may initially transfer color to light clothing. It is advisable to use the product initially with dark clothing or treat it with the "Color Stop" spray from the Coccine brand to prevent color transfer.
What to do to avoid staining light clothes?
We recommend the first time to use the product only with dark clothes or to treat it with Coccine "Color Stop" spray.

2. Do not wipe the Crazy Horse, Torro, and Kaizer leather with wet wipes

Wiping leather products with wet wipes is strictly prohibited, as they often contain alcohol that negatively affects the quality of the leather. The same applies to powder, baking soda, or cleaning agents.

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight

  • Prolonged exposure to water can damage leather products, especially Crazy Horse leather, which has an unprotected finish.

  • If the product gets wet, gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth and allow it to air dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight and do not dry leather products with a hairdryer or on a heater, as this can cause cracking or hardening.

  • Store leather products in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight and heat sources.

    Part 3. Vintage and Classic Leather Care Tips

    Any genuine leather has the ability to wear out. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to stop this process. However, with proper and careful care, leather products will last for decades. In addition, INCARNE™ products get an even more pleasant shade and texture over time, if simple care rules are followed.

    Here are some useful tips on how to properly care for leather products. By following them, you will be able to preserve the attractive appearance of your things for a long time and significantly increase their lifespan.

    1. Clean your leather properly

    • Use a dry cloth or cellulose tissue to remove scratches, dirt, and excess moisture from the leather.
    • For Crazy Horse leather products, use a special cleaning spray if needed. For Torro and Kaizer leather products, lightly wipe with a clean, damp cloth for stubborn stains, use specialized cleaners for the specific type of leather.

    2. Let the leather breathe

    • Avoid storing leather products in closed plastic bags, as this can lead to oxidation and affect the color of the material. Choose "breathable" materials such as fabric or paper that allow air circulation.
    • To maintain the shape of voluminous items (bags or backpacks), fill them with paper.

    3. Treat the leather with care products

    • Over time, Crazy Horse leather develops a more distinctive "vintage" shade. Periodically treat it with cream or wax to enhance this effect and preserve the softness of the leather.

    • Choose specialized products designed for the specific type of leather (Crazy Horse, Torro, Kaizer).

    • Caution: Excessive use of products intended to preserve leather softness can lead to excessive softening and loss of product shape.