Classic Leather: the Newest Addition to the INCARNE™ Collection

We always aim to pleasantly surprise our customers. That's why the lineup of leather goods from INCARNE™ is constantly expanding and improving. And now, we are excited to present to you our new palette of classic natural leather.

You can view the video presentation of all the colors of classic leather by following the link.

Any item from the INCARNE™ collection can be crafted from either vintage leather or classic leather. Choose an accessory and your desired leather color, and we will create a unique leather item just for you.

Features of Classic Leather

In our collection, classic leather is presented in both pastel shades and vibrant hues. We have selected the most trendy colors of natural leather for you. When choosing these colors, we also considered that accents create the perfect touch in every outfit. Therefore, your accessories will look very stylish and sophisticated, serving you for many seasons.

Classic leather has the following distinctive features:

  • Slight glossy shine
  • Smooth texture, pleasant to the touch
  • Uniform surface without abrasions or vintage effects
  • Elasticity and density
  • Higher resistance to external influences

Unlike vintage leather, classic leather is more resistant to moisture. Raindrops do not leave stains on its surface. Also, classic leather has a uniform and even texture, whereas vintage leather may have natural wrinkles and abrasions, adding character to it.

INCARNE™ Products Made of Classic Leather

Minimalistic products made of classic leather will be a stylish addition to your outfit. For example, a laptop sleeve in a trendy color looks extraordinary yet sophisticated. A bright women's bag with a minimalist design is the perfect accessory for spring and summer. Fans of practical and elegant products will definitely appreciate our backpacks made of classic leather.

Products made of classic natural leather are a wonderful gift idea for family, friends, colleagues, or partners. Such accessories will not go unnoticed and will surely serve their owner for many years. Personalization can make the item even more exclusive.

The masters at INCARNE™ will create the perfect accessory for everyone. Visit our catalog and choose the desired item. If you prefer retro style, order it to be made from vintage leather. If you prefer uniform and smooth textures, we will create your accessory from classic leather.

Leather goods from INCARNE™ embody your individuality in accessories.